“Ye bunna sibatu, mefajetu.”

29 Sep

“The pleasure of coffee is in its burning sensation.” – Ethiopian Proverb

Ah, National Coffee Day.  A hot topic to be sure – look at all the buzz happening on the web. Everyone wants to know how everyone else is celebrating…but I’d argue that most of us are simply doing what we do every other day of the week.

So what are you doing to celebrate?  What is your favorite coffee habit, ritual, or routine?

The global “buzz” off coffee day certainly got me thinking about other cultures, and their multidimensional celebrations of the bean.  In Ethiopia, for example, coffee is so sacred and integral a part of the culture that coffee ceremonies are performed multiple times a day.  Much like a Starbucks, these welcomed gatherings around coffee bring the community together, and provide a place where friend, family, and neighbors can connect and catch up with a flavorful cup.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies have several distinct features that set them apart from the way most of us go about drinking coffee.  First, there are several key ceremonial prayers that are said throughout.  Second, the coffee is flavored using cardamom and cane sugar, for a truly unique flavor experience.  Finally, “yebuna kours” or a traditional popped corn is often served along side the coffee as a snack.

You can re-create the full experience, no matter where you are located.  So embrace National Coffee Day…be a little adventurous, and experience coffee the way they do in origin!  Printable directions available here: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Directions.



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