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To Be A Partner

It’s hard to say exactly what it is that makes a well-told story, despite the fact that we all know what it feels like when we hear one.  Great stories move us – make us think, take pause and consider something in a new way, evoke a feeling or emotional response to what we’ve heard.  They inspire us to take action, comfort us and our concerns, and help us make meaning out of an otherwise chaotic world.

This is one of those well-told stories:

If you take the time to listen, to watch, I’m sure you’ll see it, too.  As a partner, it’s one of those moments when you’re absolutely proud, when you are moved and reminded of what exactly it is you do at work – you help Starbucks be the best that it can be, to sell its coffee, not for the profits, but for what it enables you to give back to the communities who provide the very commodity you rely on for business.  As a customer, perhaps it’s a moment when you realize that the pound of coffee on the shelf, and the impact it can have by being sold, is so much bigger than you.

For me, it’s a moment when I realize exactly what it means #tobeapartner


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