That one word…

15 Nov

One word can often be a powerful thing. When I say passion…what is tied up for you in that?  A feeling?  An emotion?  A gut response?  A recollection?  A yearning?

In the last four or five days, I’ve found a word that gets every Starbucks partner I know fired up, that sparks an incredible flow of passion.  Harrar.  That’s all I have to say as I walk around holding the handle of that fresh, hot press of coffee to trigger it.

At first glance up from their desk, their conversations, wherever they are, some partners look away, have that reaction of “no, not more coffee, not now, I’m really so caffeinated already, I’m so busy with work right now, I don’t need any, please, whatever you do don’t offer it to me.”

And then as quick as I can see that reaction, I smile and say “It’s Ethiopia Harrar.”  Bam.  They light up.  They look frantically for a tasting cup somewhere around their desk, relieved when I lower my hand and show that I’m carrying a stack of ceramic tasters next to this delicious press of coffee joy, just to make their day.  Everything they need for that moment of excitement and connection over coffee is right there in front of them.

“Harrar?!  Ohmigosh, YES!  Please, I would love some.  Where did you get this?!”  The flood gates open.  I’m in.  Suddenly they’ve gone from resistance, introversion, wanting nothing to do with coffee, submersed completely in the mundane of their daily work…and snapped into total elation.  Joy.  Excitement.  PASSION!!

The questions start flying.  How did you get it?  I thought it wasn’t out yet?  This is out already? How long as it been since we last had a lot of Harrar??  What about everything happening in Ethiopia right now with coffee, how did we get our hands on this???  It’s INCREDIBLE.  I don’t want to stop drinking it!!  The aroma, the body, the flavor…its divine!!

There’s such an incredible power in those moments…in the magic of that one simple word.  Today, that word was Harrar.  I hope you’ll take a moment to savor some of this exquisite coffee while it lasts…as with all great things, it’s a fleeing opportunity for enjoyment, that will be gone in a flash just as fast as it came.

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