Just Be(an)!!

23 Dec

Just Be.

Just Bean.


Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we all took more time out to just be, experience, glean, experiment, romp, play…joyfully?

‘Tis the season for this, that, the other – shopping, shipping, stressing, giving…but not always so mindfully.

Are you focused on just the destination? Have you lost sight of the journey?

Whatever you don’t forget to savor each moment along the way. With no place to go and no place to be other than in the here and now, we’re all on a never-ending journey.

Will you pause for a moment and enjoy it with me? The present moment? And just be?

And if you like, bring some beans…they should brew up for enjoyment quite nicely…!  Try experimenting…a new type, a new brewing methodology. Experience your coffee playfully!

Happy holidays everyone and welcome the New Year cheering, whatever it may bring!  Next week, I’m off to Italy! (And some Ethiopia Harrar is coming with me…)

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Posted by on December 23, 2011 in Reflection, Tradition


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