The Coffee/Love Connection

05 Apr


It’s not often that you find a company so accustomed to, so comfortable, throwing out that word.

But what it takes to say something and what it takes to live something like that are two very different things.

I’m proud, honored, and humbled to say that at Starbucks, we live the love. Every. Single. Day.

This week only strengthened that knowledge for me, as I got to experience first-hand the incredible LOVE our Starbucks partners have for our business, customers, and partners, as a part of the the Northeast Atlantic DM Summit this week in Baltimore, Maryland, where our DMs and above gathered to develop and grow not only their capabilities, but their love for what they do.

I stood in awe Tuesday morning and afternoon, as I personally helped welcome over 200 partners to the event. As the day unfolded, I watched countless moments of connection come to life before my eyes. Squeals of delight emerged at faces long unseen; huge, open-armed hugs were exchanged between old friends and new acquaintances; and exclamations of genuine excitement were made as voices from conference calls took physical form for the first time.

I smiled and enjoyed what was unfolding, asking myself “at how many companies do you see people saying hello and hugging each other when they get together?!”

And in that moment, I remembered that thought I always come back to, in hard times, in the good times, in all the moments when I realize just how special this place is. I remembered exactly why we were all fortunate enough to be here.


Coffee will always be for us that original catalyst, that first glowing spark, that underpinning that unleashed everything Starbucks is today, providing us the opportunity to love what we do, and to connect, connect, connect.

As the days went on, new discoveries over our business were formed, relationships established and renewed. Tough operations issues were discussed and problems grasped, new skills were tried on and practiced. Commitments were made to carry on the work that had been done. And the connections between partners multiplied.

But more than anything, the tremendous love that was already there grew. Love for fellow partners, love for solving tough business challenges, love for serving our customers.

And whole-hearted love for everything it means at Starbucks #tobeapartner, to #lovewhatyoudo, and to #connectovercoffee

Have you connected over coffee today?


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