Make Solutions

24 Jan

Earlier this year, when I spent a few days gathering magazine clippings to make my 2013 vision board, I stumbled across a fantastic quote, amongst an article centered around things to do instead of making the standard New Year’s resolution.

This quote was two astonishingly simple words, that came to life today in a way that I never could have imagined:


Don’t make resolutions, make solutions.

Don’t push things to the future, take action now.

Be a doer. Be a mover. Be a shaker.

Get out there and just DO something already.

Make. Shit. Happen.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to Orlando and Carlos, two agronimists who are doing exactly that for our farmers here in Costa Rica:


They are doing something that nobody else in the world is doing; something that is helping to solve problems, and better secure the livelihoods of the coffee farmers here in Costa Rica. And they can do it because they have the backing of such an incredible company as Starbucks.

They are making solutions.

For the past seven years, these two have worked tirelessly to develop a new hybrid of coffee plant, that can stand up to the various diseases that plague farmers here in Costa Rica, such as a fungus called coffee leaf rust. A plant that requires no irrigation and no shade. A plant that grows hearty and thick, and with incredible consistency. And most of all, a plant that produces the incredible quality coffee that Starbucks demands in the cup.

While other companies throw money into research, and testing soils, and more fungicides and fertilizers, Starbucks has two agronomists on the ground, out there doing.

It may sound like a simple thing, but this is big. Very big. One quick Wiki search and you can begin to understand the impacts that coffee rust has on farmers across many, many growing regions.

And here Starbucks is, making a difference. We are enabling two partners, two of the most knowledgeable minds at the forefront of coffee, to change the face of the industry. To develop a better quality plant that can address the unique needs in this country, that can achieve the quality in the cup that we will purchase, and ultimately, that will better secure a future and a livable life for our farmers.

Is your mind blown yet? Mine is.

What solutions did YOU make today?


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