Ever Thought of Publishing?

05 Mar

I have. Or at least I’ve dreamed about it (I’m not sure I can say I’ve really rationally thought about it, at least not yet.)

For many of you that know me, you know I have a deep dark secret. I want to be a published fiction author.

It’s big, it’s hairy, it’s audacious. And don’t worry about me too much – I’ve been inching my way there, pushing past typical artist’s resistance, massive crises of the inner critic, and an all-around classic case of getting-in-my-own-damn-way. But in the last year, I’m playing more with the craft, and dabbling in some short stories, with the idea that they’ll help warm me up into full-blown-masterpiece-novel territory. (Just nod and smile, ok?? And check ’em out over at, because I need your feedback!)

While I may not have any great publish-worthy fiction to my name (yet), I’ve been fascinated for years by the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry.

Thoughts like “is this industry going to be extinct before I can get my work out there into the hands of millions?” and “Self publishing…WHAT? That sounds so…LAME!” circle my head a lot.

In truth, I really don’t know all that much. And I’m not necessarily ready to. But I also started noticing this weird aversion I had to the idea of EVER self publishing (because yeah – it’s TOTALLY rational to be excluding possible means of getting published even if you’ve got nothing to publish yet and have no idea what might serve your work best, once it’s ready to be shown to the world).

Have you ever done that? Shut down a world of possibilities for yourself when you’re not even in the right place to be considering and making such a decision yet?

Well I have some advice for you.

Quit that sh!t.

And get a different perspective.

At least that’s what I did.

When the fabulous Dave Ursillo, the leader of my private writer’s group announced a series of interviews he wanted to do called “Conversations in Purpose,” I jumped on the bandwagon.

The idea was that we got to interview Dave for 30 minutes on whatever topic we chose, it just had to be anchored in a clear purpose. Conversation would become the creative device we would both use to unlock new insights, discoveries, and connection. As a several time self-published author himself, I saw Dave as the perfect person to learn more from.

I pitched the idea of a conversation about the ever-changing landscape of traditional publishing houses versus the bountiful options for self-publishing. Dave was all in.

This was the result: 

I have to admit, it was not what I expected to hear. I learned perhaps I had been a little too shut down to the whole idea, a little prematurely. I’m realizing that things I’m feeling an aversion to in life should be a little flag – a little pop-up reminder that says “ooh ooh! look over here! Are you feeling aversion right now? Challenge yourself and look a little deeper before you walk away!”

Because you just might be surprised at what you find.

And in my traditional style, now I’ll turn it over to you.

What possibilities have you been shutting down in your own life? And what are you gonna do to put them in perspective?

Inspirationally yours,


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